Pasiv Financial Ltd. is DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) regulated firm that allows users to execute trades and obtain financial information directly within a chat screen, through interaction with an artificial intelligence (virtual assistant). Pasiv is incorporated at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Pasiv’s aim is to improve the investing experience and simplify access to financial markets and financial information, so self-directed investors can make their own investing decisions regarding their money and their portfolio. Pasiv’s A.I. does not provide any financial advice, tips or recommendations on securities to buy or sell.

License # : CL 3527
Authorization # : F006425

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Brokerage Affiliation

Pasiv has affiliated with ChoiceTrade, a regulated securities broker in the United States that has been in business for 20+ years. U.S. securities and products are provided through ChoiceTrade. Pasiv does not hold customer funds, nor is it licensed to be a custodian of funds. Customer funds are held at ChoiceTrade’s clearing firm, Velox Clearing, a regulated entity providing custodianship for all Pasiv’s users’ funds & securities. ChoiceTrade has been approved by FINRA and the SEC, the primary markets authorities in the USA, to offer investing accounts to the public. All ChoiceTrade’s users funds are insured by the SIPC for upto $500,000.

Our Sustainability Approach

Whilst sustainability is still a new & emerging concept in the investing space, research shows that firms that are committed to doing good for the planet also perform better than the overall market. Higher ESG scores correlate with outperformance. At Pasiv, we’re constantly examining newly available sustainability data, and include this information where possible, so you can make a more informed decision when aligning your wealth with your beliefs.

Why We Created Pasiv

Because financial wellness matters.

Our experience investing has taught us that anyone can grow wealth through consistency, diversification and discipline. But our lives tend to move in less of a straight line from job security to global economic crises we are forced to navigate every once in a while. We created Pasiv as a tool to help you navigate the storm, weave into this new generation’s lifestyle and work in the background to help you attain financial wellness.

Replicating the habits of succesful money managers requires financial literacy. Not everyone can afford a dedicated portfolio assistant or a professional to teach them finance. By 2019 we thought – maybe they don’t have to. And we set out to build something better for less; a smart portfolio A.I.

Pasiv Founders

Our Team

The Pasiv team’s mission is to enrich the experience of wealth management, with cutting edge tools and artificial intelligence. Part of this mission means making investing accessible and affordable to the average investor. Our incredibly talented and dedicated crew of fintech enthusiasts make this possible behind the scenes.

Vinay Gokaldas
Founder & CEO

Akshay Lamba

Technology & Risk

Rhea Shibu

Accounts & Admin

Rhea Bhatnager

Content & Social

Nasser Hussain

Compliance & AML

Henry Bediako


Prashansa Sharma

Customer Success

Lualdee Mae Da Villa

Pasiv Financial Team

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