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Pasiv helps you grow your wealth & earn passive income through long-term investing.

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Stocks & ETFs InvestingCapital at risk; securities shown for illustration purposes only.

Zero Commission
US Stocks & ETFs

Flat membership fees; unlimited trading.


Invest as little as $1 to start; buy a portion of a share.


Smart portfolio A.I. & human assistance if you need it.


ESG & carbon intensity friendly choices.

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Zero Commission Fractional Shares

Keep calm, invest responsibly

You don't need to know how to trade, day trade or pick stocks when you take a passive approach. Select funds issued by the most reputed investment firms, ranked by their ESG score. Leave the rest to the professionals.

Passive income builder

Use the portfolio lab option to filter through the universe of dividend paying stocks & funds, and seamlessly assemble a portfolio that generates income in under 10 minutes. Forecast your monthly & annual cash flow and get reminders to dollar cost average and grow your payout.

Passive Income
Trade via chat

Discover markets via chat

Research stocks & funds through simple chat commands with your assistant. Lookup carbon intensity scores, fund holdings and fund performance. Investing in stocks? Ask for a balance sheet, a financial ratio or just ask about what's trending in markets.

Early Access

Join the Pasiv waitlist for the chance to get early access. We'll keep you updated on our public launch and we'll offer you the chance to be one of the first set of users.

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Security, Safety & Regulation

Pasiv Financial is domiciled in the DIFC, and currently operating under the DFSA's Innovation Testing License (ITL). Pasiv is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and comes with best-in-class security for your brokerage account, your funds and your data.

Invest Securely

Audited & Regulated

Pasiv is subject to audit, compliance and regulatory norms of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

SSL Encryption

Data on our platform is secured with 256-bit bank grade encryption to keep your information safe.

Data Protection

Privacy controls in line with DIFC Data Protection Law to keep your personal information safe.

Broker & Custodian

Pasiv is affiliated with ChoiceTrade, an SEC regulated broker-dealer in the US & member of FINRA & SIPC.

Deposit Insurance

All ChoiceTrade accounts come with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000.

OTP Authentication

All trades, deposits & withdrawals require OTP authentication. Only you can make decisions about your money.

Could one live off income generated from passive investments? Yes. It's all about starting early.

Get started today with a passive income portfolio that covers your streaming TV subscription, and grow it over time to one that pays the rent. *Figures assume saving of $1 everyday into a bank savings account with interest rate of 1% vs. investment of $1 everyday between 1990 and 2020 in the S&P500 index.

*Pasiv does not guarantee customer returns. Your capital may be at risk; past performance may not be indicative of future returns.

$1 $12,450

Saved Everyday

30 Years in the Bank *


$1 $66,044

Invested Everyday

30 Years in the Market *

$66,044 $275

in a Portfolio Yielding 5%

Monthly Income

Simple Membership Plans

Enjoy all the features & benefits Pasiv has to offer; unlimited investing with simple, flat-fee membership.

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