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*Capital at Risk. Securities shown for illustration purposes only.
Stocks & ETFs Investing

investing just got simpler

Features both beginners and seasoned investors will love when managing their money. Our innovative UI makes it easy to ensure your portfolio stays relevant and diversified.

Zero Commissions

Zero Commissions

Pay the monthly membership fee and trade as much as you want or as little as you want. Invest $10 or invest $100,000. You do what's right for your money.

Fractional Shares

Fractional Shares

Buy a fraction of a share - invest as little as $2 in a $200 stock and own 1% of a share! You'll not have any voting rights, but you'll still get 1% of the dividend. [Coming Soon]

Trade via Chat

Trade via Chat

Lookup fundamental data of companies through the chat; ask about which stocks are trending and buy & sell shares directly within the chat. Just ask!

Fund Catalog

Fund Catalog

Browse the universe of securities and find the exposure you are looking for. Choose from thematic ETFs, passive funds and index funds issued by the top banks.

8,500+ Stocks & ETFs

Simplified access to the largest equity market on earth; the US stock market.

  • Over 8500+ NYSE & NASDAQ stocks to choose from
  • Index funds, commodity funds & sector specific ETFs
  • Invest in global companies outside the U.S. via listed ADRs
  • US Securities & Products offered through ChoiceTrade

Invest in a mix of stocks & funds and put your money to work within days. Purchase IPOs the moment they release on the exchange. Enjoy near instant execution & receive dividends when the stocks you own pay out dividends.

Start Building My Portfolio

A rich conversation interface - buy & sell funds with an A.I. assistant.

  • 01 24/7 Monitoring

    Pasiv provides you an assistant plugged into real time market data that watches your money at all times; making sure you're informed about earnings, events & important news affecting the stocks you own.

  • Your portfolio assistant keeps track of your investing and prompts you when you're portfolio is off track relative to the benchmark - so you can intervene and do what's right for your money.

  • Conduct fundamental research on any stock or fund; your assistant will present financial data to you visually so you can make informed decisions about the securities you want to own for the long run.


Try it for Free

Our A.I. investing platform is 100% free for two weeks - no credit card, no committment, and no application needed. We'll give you $5,000 of virtual money to get a sense of how our technology can improve your investing.

*Capital at Risk. Securities Shown for Illustration Purposes Only
Learn investing & markets


Bite-sized modules that teach you the basics of money, investing & markets. Your assistant will suggest short learning chapters to you when you ask about basic concepts.

Discover stocks & funds


Build a diverse portfolio of passive funds, stocks and ETFs based on sectors that interest you. Discover stocks & funds from trending news articles or browse through analyst recommendations to find potential winners.

Invest Securely

Pasiv comes with the best-in-class security for your brokerage account, your funds and your data.

Regulated by the DFSA

Pasiv is a licensed financial services entity in the DIFC.

Regulated Custodian

Your funds are held by a regulated custodian - a member of FINRA, NYSE & SIPC.

Trade & Transfer Authentication

Mandatory 2FA for trade orders, deposits and withdrawals.

SIPC Insurance

Each ChoiceTrade user's cash & securities are insured upto $500,000.

Bank Grade Encryption

Data on our platform is secured with 256-bit bank grade encryption.

Data Protection & Privacy

Pasiv handles personal data in line with the DIFC Data Protection Law.


Enjoy all the features & benefits Pasiv has to offer with simple, flat-fee membership.

Free Trial

$02 weeks

  • Dedicated A.I. Assistant
  • $5,000 virtual cash
  • Trade on Weekends
  • Delayed Data
  • USD Investing Account
  • Email & Phone Support
Get Started

Annual Plan

$120per annum

  • Dedicated A.I. Assistant
  • Zero Commissions
  • No Minimum Required
  • Real-Time Data
  • USD Investing Account
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Access Member Events & Free Merchandise
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We've compiled a list below of the questions we get asked most frequently and the answers to those questions. Contact us if you have more!

  • Is there a minimum amount I need to invest?

    No. There are no minimum balances we require in your Pasiv investing account. You can start with as little as $5.

  • We've affiliated with ChoiceTrade to refer your account - brokers in the US who have been in business for 20+ years. When you open a Pasiv account, we're giving you a US based investing account with ChoiceTrade - US securities & produts by ChoiceTrade. The orders you place in the Pasiv app, are placed in this ChoiceTrade account.

  • Simply navigate to the account screen in the app, click withdraw. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, enter your bank details and upload a statement so we know it's indeed your account. It takes at most 2-3 working days for the withdrawal to appear in your local bank account.

  • Yes. We are based in the DIFC and have received approval by the regulatory authority the DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) to launch this service for UAE residents at this time.

  • You'll need to keep four (4) documents handy; (1) a passport copy, (2) the first page of your bank statement, (3) your visa copy and (4) an address proof such as a utility bill or tenancy contract.

  • Your cash resides with our regulated partner - ChoiceTrade's custodian clearing firm, Velox. When you purchase a stock, the clearing firm which is also a US regulated entity, automatically goes through a "settlement & clearing" process where the person who sold you the shares receives the relevant cash amount, and you receive electronic shares registered & held in your name at Velox. The clearing firm automatically manages this process in the background.

  • No. Cash that you send in AED or your origin currency will be converted by your bank at your bank's exchange rate before being sent to the US. Your bank may also charge you a fee for the transfer.

  • Historically the S&P500 index has returned 8% per annum. But this assumes you will invest all your funds in an ETF that tracks the S&P500. In any given year a particular stock can do better or worse than the overall index. It entirely depends on the stocks and funds that you decide to purchase. Stock investing involves risk and companies you invest in can have their shares increase in value or decrease in value. You may lose money by investing in companies that are not performing well, and even in cases where companies perform well their shares may fall in value. It's important to research companies you invest in before you buy their shares.